Share The Word with the prostitutes of Caen (France)


We have started withe Seb Toussaint a new episode of our Share The Word project, this time in our hometown of Caen, with the prostitutes. The idea is the same, we ask them to express a word which we then paint on their vans. D. shared the word “Amour” (love). 

The “Presqu’île” is a an old industrial area of Caen (France), situated between the river Orne and the canal docks. Today the partially abandoned area is entering a phase of slow redevelopment. It is known for being the centre of prostitution in the region of Normandy. A large number of women work day and night in small vans and tough working conditions. Almost all of them come from sub-Saharan Africa, (mostly Cameroon and Nigeria), and have ended up working as prostitutes in order to survive.

This episode of Share The Word is the first not to take place in a low income neighbourhood of the developing world. However the idea is the same, as the words painted on the prostitutes’ vehicles, are chosen by women who are part of a marginalised, ignored and sometimes hated community. The graffiti aims to highlight these women’s voices and engage with women who, at first sight, appear to be living in another world.

Share the Word is a worldwide art project mixing graffiti, photography and film, and using art to create bridges between cultures. Led by myself and graffiti artist Seb Toussaint, set in different slums and low income neighbourhoods around the world. The second episode takes place in Nairobi, Kenya.

This video was shot in Mukuru Slum, a neighbourhood of Nairobi, in Kenya. In a little more than 3 weeks, 15 murals were painted with words chosen by the inhabitants. All the murals were painted in freestyle.

Original soundtrack by Theo Davies >

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Photo of the day : Nossa !

Nossa ! by spag photography
Nossa !, a photo by spag photography on Flickr.

I took that picture in Ilha do Marajo, Brazil. A few kids playing with an old mule in the streets of Soure.

Nossa is an argo used a lot by the Brazilians to say “wow” !

I will be presenting in collaboration with Seb Toussaint a selection of my work in Brazil @Crédit Agricole de Saint-Lô for the whole month of June coming ! Keep posted !

J’ai pris cette photo à Ilha do Marajo au Brésil. Quelques enfants jouant avec une vieille mule dans les rues de Soure.

Nossa est un argo beaucoup utilisé par les Brésiliens pour dire “wow”!

Je présenterai en collaboration avec Seb Toussaint une sélection de mon travail au Brésil @ Crédit Agricole de Saint-Lô pendant tout le mois de Juin prochain!