Starting out in Colombia

We got to Bogota a week ago and have settled in nicely. We’ve found a neighbourhood to work in and have even started painting. Mariscal Sucre is a low income neighbourhood build on the mountain side, on the East side of the city. We’re slowly getting to know the locals and feeling more and more at home. The first two words shared are “Humildad” (Humility) and “Amistad” (Friendship).

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Merci !

MERCI à tous ceux qui ont participé à notre campagne de financement participatif ces dernières semaines. Plus de 70 personnes ont participé (voir nos contributeurs ici) et nous sommes heureux de constater à quel point notre projet est soutenu. La campagne est désormais terminée, et nous n’avons pas simplement atteint notre objectif, nous l’avons même dépassé ! Avec quelques chèques de dernière minute (qui n’apparaissent pas sur la campagne), nous avons recueilli un total de 4 000 euros ! Celà nous assurera de ne pas manquer de peinture en Colombie ! Ben sur, s’il nous reste de l’argent à la fin du projet à Bogota, nous l’utiliserons sur les prochains épisodes. Si vous n’avez pas eu le temps de participer à la campagne de financement participatif et que vous souhaitez nous aider, vous pouvez toujours faire un don ici.

Nous venons d’arriver à Bogota, où nous allons vivre pendant un peu plus d’un mois. Nous avons déjà trouvé un logement, et nous allons maintenant nous mettre à chercher un quartier dans lequel travailler. Comme d’habitude nous vous tiendrons au courant de l’avancée du projet sur ce blog, et sur facebooktwitter et intagram.

THANK YOU to everyone who’s participated in the crowdfunding campaign these last few weeks. Over 70 different people have taken part and we’re very happy to see how much support you have given to our project. The campaign in now over, and not only have we reached our goal, but we’ve even managed to raise more funds than expected ! With a few last minute cheques arriving, we have raised a total of 4000 euros. This will ensure that we don’t run out of paint in Colombia, and of course any money left over will be used on future episodes. If you haven’t had time to join the crowd funding campaign, you can still make a donation here.

We have just arrived in Bogota where we will stay for a little over a month. We have sorted out our acomodation, and we are now going to look for a neighbourhood to work in. As usual, we will keep you uptaded with the project on this blog, and also on facebook, twitter and intagram.

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Aidez nous à réaliser le 4ème épisode de Share The Word !

Nous sommes fiers avec l’Outsiders Krew de lancer aujourd’hui une campagne de financement participatif pour nous aider à financer le 4ème épisode du projet (en Colombie). Les fonds récoltés serviront à payer le transport, la peinture, et notre vie sur place. Outsiders Krew est une association loi 1901, à but non lucratif, déposée en Préfecture du Calvados, en France. Nous ne sommes que 2 dans cette structure, et nous organisons tous nos projets seuls, avec peu de moyens. Nous avons financé nous mêmes les 3 premiers épisodes de ce projet avec nos économies ; et suite au succès rencontré, nous voulons continuer à nous rendre dans d’autres quartiers défavorisés.

Pour plus d’information et pour nous aider, visitez sur notre page Indiegogo :

Today we are proud to launch a crowdfunding campaign to help us finance the 4th episode of our Share The Word project in Bogota, Colombia. You can help us by sending some money that will be used for the project in Colombia to pay for transport, paint, food and accommodation. Outsiders Krew is a non profit association, registered in the Prefecture du Calvados, in France. We’re a very small organisation made up of simply us two artists doing things on our own, on a low budget. We financed the first 3 episodes of this project ourselves with our own savings, but after such successful episodes, we want to continue doing this and visit more slums !

Visit to support the 4th episode in Bogota !

In May 2014 we spent one month in Bainsighat, a slum situated in Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal. The area was built in the 80s on the banks of the sacred Bagmati river. Today roughly 800 people live in the neighborhood’s 156 small houses which are either made of wood or bricks. The river banks are highly polluted with mountains of fermenting and burning rubbish.

In this third episode, we went deeper in our interaction with the urban environment. Instead of painting one word on one house, some murals were painted on 2, 3 and up to 10 houses. Because of the central location of the slum, tourists, school kids and commuters visited the neighborhood to have a look at the art. This created a lot of interaction with the inhabitants. Also, thanks to the Nepal Children’s Art Museum, a group of about 20 young artists from Kathmandu came to Bainsighat to paint their first outdoor murals, creating further interaction with the people, and a very colorful neighborhood.

Towards the end of the month, we painted the entrance of a Hindu temple. The 250 year old building stands on the Northern edge of the slum and the local priest decided that the symbols of the sun and the moon should be painted, instead of the usual word, because of the number of window making it impossible to fit one big word.